Acupuncture is part of an integrated system of primary health care, known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Acupuncture has achieved wide spread acceptance as an effective form of health care, including formal recognition by the World Health Organisation.  The origins of acupuncture date back thousands of years in China and South East Asia, making it one of the oldest and most long standing health care systems in the world.

Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles into various points on the body to treat a wide range of illnesses and problems.  There are over 365 acupuncture points on 14 channels or meridians, which have internal pathways into the organs.  The philosopy is that health depends on the uninterrupted flow of Qi or energy through these meridians.  Stimulating points on these meridians may help clear blockages and encourage the normal flow of Qi.

As a natural form of health care, acupuncture,
•    provides drug free treatment
•    has very few side-effects when provided by a qualified practitioner
•    provides an wholistic approach to help alleviate symptoms associated with disease and illness, linking body, mind and  emotions

All acupuncture sessions include a 10 minute remedial massage.