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July 4, 2017
Treating Implantation Failure with the Wisdom of the Wen Bing
August 1, 2018
Professor Huang Huang

I have recently returned from a 2 week study trip to China in April 2009. This was my fifth study trip to China.

I spent the first week in Nanjing and observed chinese master herbalists in the Celebrity Specialty Doctors Clinic at the Municipal Hospital. These doctors are semi retired and work minimal hours having time to discuss complex cases. They are specialists in their fields and have spent a lifetime in one field of practice. The areas I worked in with these doctors were gynaecology, respiratory disorders, gastro intestinal disorders and pediatrics.

In Nanjing I also studied intensively with Professor Huang Huang who is currently the Dean of the School of Basic Medical Science and supervisor to doctoral students at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He has written numerous chinese medicine books and also lectures extensively abroad.

He focuses on the application of chinese medicine classical formulas, modern literature on single herb applications and the application for classical formula patterns on constitutional types. Working in clinic with the professor was incredibly  inspiring to witness a fresh and exciting new approach to the classics such as the “Shang Han Lun” and “Jin Gui Yao Lue”  that incorporated constitution and emotions.

In the second week my study was based in Shanghai Chinese Medicine University studying gynaecology. It was very interesting to see a whole new approach and school of thought to gynaecology in chinese medicine. Having previously studied according to the Nanjing school of thought in gynaecology which focuses heavily on strengthening the kidneys in herbal formulae, the Shanghainese approach seems to focus more on constitutional types which seemed to complement the study in Nanjing with Professor Huang Huang.

I am very excited to incorporate these new experiences into my clinical practice.

I have included a photo of myself with Professor Huang Huang as well as a photo of the beautiful water village, Wu Zhen.

Professor Huang Huang Study Trip to China